14 September 2007


The real-life angst and heartache and general intermarital naughtiness that formed the backdrop to Fleetwood Mac's stunningly successful Rumours album was a mere whisper on the breeze compared to the almighty brou-ha-ha that enveloped the political desperates of this fair country this week following the Lying Little Man's request to his ever-faithful Foreign Minister to 'do the numbers.'

This Alex did -
smoking a cigar if reports are to be believed, can you even imagine that? - the Littlest Liar stared 'em down again, the country let out a combined 'wha?' and we all moved on.

The blogosphere went into a massive orgy of reporting on itself, the mainstream media played multiple roles (well, they do get funded for this of course) and everybody else, the sensible ones, let it pass by.

In a parallel world, the flu hit my work team with a vengeance and Chateau VVB has been well below par all week, and still not well.

Which is a fairly longhanded way of saying we won't be adding to the week's frenzy now that it's over, but this rumour in today's Tips and Rumours in Crikey.com.au really struck us as likely to be true. And - he said, having two bob each way - even if not true, it's too delicious a piece of rumour-mongering to be confirmed to Crikey, so Chateau VVB gleefully reproduces it here:

An illustration of the vanity of John Howard and his urge for self glorification
is the fact that, unlike his Labor predecessors, all Cabinet Documents
(Submissions and Decisions) during his reign have been prefixed with a "JH". I
am not aware whether any Government prior to Howard's did this.

Enjoy, mes petits.


JahTeh said...

Does that include his toilet paper?

phil said...

...after use...


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

Poignant parallel with Fleetwood Mac. I only wish I could laugh but I'll be coming to live there soon so I'm not really down with seeing the funny side. I did witness Mick Fleetwood's lowest point when he jointly hosted the Brit awards in 89 with Sam Fox. It gets no uglier.

I hope Chateau WB recovers. I'm no good at links but there's been a discussion on the benefits of Vicks Vapour Rub over on The Future of my Past.


Hope the link works and also that la famille de Phil get better soon.



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