20 September 2007

out on the weekend

There will be no blogging this weekend either as Mrs VVB and I are off to the Sunshine Coast to look for the next Chateau VVB. Predictably, we will find something at about twice what we can afford, which in turn will be about 4 times what we are prepared to pay. It will be just right for what we would need were we to move on Monday, and totally unsuitable for when we are in our 70s and our joints have all seized up.

Will there be the sort of infrastructure we might might need by then (stroke centres, paid dementia carers on every street corner, a choice of good latte mongerers)?

We don't want a house that's too big because (a) it will be hard to clean and (b) the offspring will never leave home or will keep returning. It has to be a quiet, safe street so we can safely get another Abyssinian kitten when Top Cat is no longer with us. Close to the shops, though.

With good views, of course.

And with one room that can be made soundproof so I can set up a little studio and go crazee with the guitars and my rusty voice. And sufficient garages to store a few toys: a Healey Sprite or perhaps an MG TC, a Fiat Bambino, a Moke, and a Maserati Quattroporte for weekday work.

So we shall see, but it will be a weekend away at least. We'll stay away from the news so we don't get the hysterical sneering and smearing that characterises current broadcasts, but will have to watch Wockwiz on Saturday night of course.

Boomers utterly rule, don't we?


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

I ain't called Noosa for nuffin. All my immediate family live on the Sunshine Coast. You'll find what you're looking for. Have fun with the search.



phil said...

Hi Pants, yes I was aware and occasionally wondered, as we wandered semi-aimlessly about, which bit of the Coast?

Anyway the weekend played out almost exactly as predicted in relation to houses, cats, cars and everything.

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