28 September 2007

i've just got to get a message to you

I've just sent the PM one, 'cos I'm not listening to his. Apparently I'm not the only citizen (subject? target demographic?) who's a bit fed up with the taxpayer funded media blitz aimed at getting the little liar and his ideological fellow-travellers back onto the Treasury benches.
I really, really hope it backfires on them the way it seems to be.
Update: oops, forgot to put the tags in - again. Just like forgetting to take the camera to the Noosa car show.
Anyway, while we're updating, I've just been belting this out upstairs, but in a very acoustic way rather than this somewhat souped-up version (hmm, the timing's a bit, er, variable, is it not? exciting, but). Anonymous Chris probably thinks it's crap, I love it. Silk Degrees was - is - a great album, I just couldn't see it when it came out. I remember going to a disco - called Silvers if I recall correctly - in Melbourne with some friends. One bloke was a big Boz Scaggs fan, he was already married (unlike the rest of us), his wife turned up with face glitter and all. Those were the days.

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