18 September 2007

running jumping standing still

This is by way of a placemarker post just to say that:

  • House of VVB still exists;

  • it's still unconscionably tired all the time, presumably from last week's lurgy;

  • many people at work are similarly still tired, sick, all those things;

  • there is absolutely no point in going into some irrelevant rant about anything political until the election is called;

  • and it won't be yet;

  • because there's a quite a lot of your taxes still to splurge on advertising;

  • but I've fallen into a bloghole and there is currently no suitable provocation for climbing out.
Some semblance of normal activity will return at some unspecified time in the future, maybe another car story. In the meantime, rant amongst yourselves.

1 comment:

That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

Know exactly how you feel. Relax and get yourself well. We'll all still be here when you get back.



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