11 September 2007


I'll stay as long as the party needs me but just listen, the party discussed that last year and doesn't need to do it again.

There must be a word for that. Hubris and arrogance suggest themselves, delusional is a different one. There must be more. Forever minutely twisting the truth, rewriting history, introducing just enough doubt that he couldn't be immediately accused of lying. A small man with a small lawyer's mind. No wonder we don't know what the direction is.

Oh yes we do - it's Dolly on the 7.30 report reading from the Crosby Textor hymn book: "the right direction", "right direction", "trade union officials", "John Howard has massive energy", "John Howard is the right answer for Australia's future", "the public feel that Australia is heading in the right direction."

Just call me 'talking points Alex'. Don't expect it to make sense, just tell the plebs what they need to believe. Just fuck off already.

I am so angry that we have collectively let this pack of amoral hyenas feed off the wealth of this country for so long. They have no scruples, no vision and no brains beyond self-interested rat cunning and bastardry.

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