06 September 2007

a quick one

On the first day of a four-day visit to Australia for the APEC summit, the American President heaped praise on Mr Howard for his "vision" on the Iraq war, his "leadership" on climate change and nuclear power, and for his economic management.

See my previous comments on "leadership."

I guess that it's always been the case that politicians have made statements that are so demonstrably disconnected from what everyone else understands to be the case that people just sigh and move on.

But really, Bush's comment is either quite, quite delusional or an outright lie. Or of course, the usual disclaimer - he was badly 'advised' by his advisers about what the Coalition has actually done on climate change, so it's not actually a lie.

I said last night that State Department people are very good at their jobs, so I can't imagine that they have misreported the Federal Government's very recent conversion to belief in climate change.


It's utter shit.
Update: oh, and what about these AEC ads about the election being called "very soon?" If it's that soon, surely there must be a date?
You know, my bile is really rising. This country has been bastardised, pillaged, diminished, f*cked over,....geez, what word do you use to signify how much we've lost through the machinations, lies, depredations, sheer hubris combined with stupidity?....aaaagggh, lost for words again. I hope there is the biggest clearout of all time...


JahTeh said...

I see little Bonsai has just signed an agreement to sell uranium to Russia (with its record of disasters).

Do you hear that grinding sound, It's the great 'Ming' spinning in his grave.

phil said...

and our teeth....

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