08 September 2007

say my name

Peter Martin at the Canberra Times lovingly chronicles yet another HMAS Born-to-rule's stuff-ups, the not-a-universal-access-card.

For a party that is always rabbitting on about Labor being the party of social engineering, the "nanny state", the Libs (let's leave the agrarian socialists out of this as their influence is minimal) do a pretty good job of working their nasty little way into Australians' lives to make them far less 'liberal' and enjoyable.

There's no doubt that they are absolutely certain that they're right on everything, and that should send up masses of alarm flares. I guess sometime in the past, governments would make somewhat more of an effort to make projects actually work while still keeping them aligning with the relevant ideology, but maybe not?

Not with this lot. A PM who wanted to be PM since he was ten, a
petulant, thin-skinned idiot son of the aristocracy, Captain Smirk and a band of useful idiots, they reckon they have the only answer on everything. TINA, remember that?

Utter bullshit.

They are, I suspect, about to find out that enough people have tumbled to them. In the words of Muhammad Ali and the memorable Mr T, I wish them lots of pain.

Update: mind you, everybody does it nowadays.

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JahTeh said...

I can't imagine what french word Alex took two months to learn. Even I can pronounce imbecile with an accent.

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