04 September 2007

lady in red

If you were going to have a fabulous model car on your mantelpiece (or some other suitable spot, maybe in Dad's 'den'), wouldn't you plump for this?

The Lancia Fulvia was just a gorgeous piece of design.

This one is priced at about 90 Euros, not including postage. I'd even be inclined to look for it here in Oz, it'd make a good Christmas present (he said, to any fambly members who may be reading). Not a hint. Not at all.

In any case, it doesn't meet the current criteria for models:
a) it's 1/18, not 1/43;
b) I never owned one (damn! damn!); and
c) it's not an historically significant Australian car.

Not really a good hint, was it? In fact Mrs VVB even asked the question, having arranged the new cats she got for herbirthday on the mantelpiece alongside the old cats, whether one could have too many cats. Looks like she may be in need of a new theme, or some product extension, too.

Meanwhile in Sydney, otherwise law-abiding Australians are shut out of their own city. $400m it cost? Is that not absolutely obscene? You know, I really don't know what we do about this. I have no idea whether it was Australia's turn to host, if it wasn't well it's the job of Australian diplomats to lobby and get it, particularly so JWH and Hyacinth can grandstand. Shame about Laura (not). And shame that most people (Kevin07's "ordinary" people) just don't get international boondoggles conferences and certainly don't get the benefits of trade liberalisation. Nor do they get why you can do this on environmental concerns but not that.

Anyway, whinge whinge whinge. Where's my latte?

It's raining and, having just gone up to check the mesh guard on the gutter, the water is going into the tank from whence, all things being equal, we can direct it into the pool so that we can run the pump so that the man can come and detect where our leaks are. Leaking.


Helena said...

were those Lunchias ...
'styled by Bertone' ?

and re Bush in the post above:
it's all too tedious and
yes the news will be full of it,
but I have to say when
I saw Airforce One land and disgorge, I just got a pining for Toby & Sam & Josh & Donna & CJ of that parallel presidency by Aaron Sorkin.

phil said...

That's an extremely parallel presidency, ms H.

From this, it doesn't look like Bertoen did the Fulvia. I had to check, I didn't know.

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