06 November 2007

around and around

So here's Mal Brough on the 7.30 Report tonight getting all thing about a fence that separates an Aboriginal community from the rest of Darwin.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Behind this fence is the Bagot community.
An Aboriginal enclave only 10 minutes drive from Darwin's CBD. About 400 people
live here. There are many other enclosed housing estates across Darwin, but this
fence so offends Federal indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough that he wants to
l pull it down.

circumstances when a government of any persuasion puts a fence up between one
part of its community and the other and lets what goes on behind it, hide behind

It's appalling all right Mal. "Any persuasion". Indeed So that'd apply to the APEC fence, then?

I imagine that's different. It's not as if a fair proportion of the community wanted to know what utter bureaucratic rubbish was being traded across the table in the rooms behind that wall. A greater proportion than wanted to do harm to the perpetrators.

Pet hate of the week: the phrase 'rolling out'. As in we're rolling out broadband, we're rolling out a new product, we're rolling out services.

Does it have wheels? If not, use the proper word, maybe 'make available', 'extend', 'release'.
Petty rant over.

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