07 November 2007

more than words

Whenever you're feeling a little low it's always rewarding to read how some of your fellow citizens - sorry, components of the economy - string a few words together to tell you how they feel. For instance, ask Ian Nicolson of Banora Point how he feels about Macquarie Bank's management of Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport:

Margaret Thomas asks, rhetorically, "How about improving the [airport] service
in return for the punitive and ever-increasing charges" (Letters, November 6). I
suggest she addresses her question to the monopolist spivs who own Sydney

Ian Nicolson Banora Point
Go Ian.

The legislature in America flexes its opinions about the executives (yeah, I just said "executives") that run Google:

"While technologically and financially you are giants,
morally you are Pygmies..."

Given the common elements in these two examples, you can perhaps feel a little moral superiority when
this sort of thing happens.

As I type, the 7.30 Report on behind me is carefully deconstructing the Coalition's contradictory messages about 'economic management' and who might be 'better' at it. If you elect us your wages will go down and this is a good thing because it will contribute to the strong $1.1trillion economy that only we are capable of managing, but under Labor last time your wages went up which was bad because it led to inflation except that under the Hawke Accord your wages didn't rise as much they did under us over the last 11 years, so that was bad - or good, depending on which part of this sentence you are reading - also. Or possibly notwithstanding.

how do you get to be king?

Anyway, I am very pleased that Chateau VVB's 24c (there's three of us here in the hacienda) a day towards the ABC is at last contributing to the growth, possibly from adult stems cells, of not only a backbone but also an appreciably latte-sipping, chardonnay-swilling anti-Coalition posture, with suitable questions, snarky comments and the occasional (but devastatingly effective nonetheless) raised eyebrow. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Anyway, enough of this frivolity. I hear the siren call of strategic intent, strategic overlays, almost certainly strategic strategies and quite possibly the strategy you have when you're not having a strategy. In other words, several more hours of pain on top of a full workday. Why do we do it? Anyway, there'll be half an hour off for Spicks and Specks.

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