17 November 2007

fade to black (updated)

Following on from the previous post, I thought I'd cheer myself up by linking to comments and descriptions that have appeared around the traps recently. The point of this otherwise pointless excursion is to act as a reminder that the denizens of Chateau VVB are not alone, the species Howard-hater is more widespread than thought previously.

Are we ready? Then let us begin:

I only hope that Rudd P.M. will see an end to the small minded mean spirited selfishness that seems to characterise contemporary Australia.

of course this classic:
What a slimy, self-regarding, small, repugnant, grub of a man.

All you have to do is take a quick look (please don't linger) at Alexander "Little Lord" Downer's puffy, privileged face to quick-smart understand how depraved and far removed these born-to-rule-forever dandies are from their subjects. Out of touch? The very idea of being in touch makes them cringe with repulsion and contempt.

On television last night the National Security Hotline commercial was on TV. 8 days away from a federal election. Originally badged as “Authorised by the Australian Government Canberra” it is now authorised “M Keelty, Chief Commissioner, Australian Federal Police“. Can there be any more transparently cynical attempt by Howard to get around the election advertising laws to blow the anti-muslim dogwhistle?

In fact, is it actually legal for them to do this
? (Emphasis added).

John Howard’s plan is a big step backwards for Australia’s social cohesion. He still, operates — and thrives — on division.

...a picture of ministers keen to approve projects in Coalition electorates regardless of the advice of their officials and so sloppy in the way they went about it that they often didn’t even bother to record the basis of their decisions.

It paints their behaviour as venal, lazy, and verging on unlawful...
(emphasis added)

In the comments on the piece (Productivity Coalition style) about the Regional Partnerships (ie 'partnerships with marginal seats') Program:
With the nearly late government it is always hard to differentiate between acts of incompetence or mendacity.

John Howard has led a mean-spirited, dishonest, arrogant, intolerant, cynical and unabashedly opportunistic government.

Aaaahh, breathe out. It's not meant to make you feel better, more to just work through the issues. Which are (once more with feeling):

  1. small minded mean selfishness;
  2. small repugnant grub of a man;
  3. depraved and....removed from their subjects;
    cynical attempt to get around the...laws;
  4. operates and thrives on division;
  5. venal, lazy and verging on unlawful;
  6. difficult to differentiate between acts of incompetence or mendacity; and
  7. John Howard has led a mean-spirited, dishonest, intolerant, cynical and unabashedly opportunistic government.
Let's pretend it's a chorus:

John Howard has led a mean-spirited, dishonest, intolerant, cynical and unabashedly opportunistic government.
Fade to black.


1 - As if we needed it, yet more evidence that this shameless pack of fascists seem to think they've been imbued with omnipotent authority. As if even the oft-claimed but usually spurious 'mandate' wasn't enough.

2 - but here's someone who comments on this latest lowest common denominator piece of bastardry far more eloquently than me.

I tell you, we know we've lost a lot over the last 11 years but we'll only find out the full extent of how far good governance has been traduced once we've had sufficient, finely targeted inquiries with full judicial powers. As a country we deserve nothing less.


JahTeh said...

I can't decide which cartoon at '101 uses for a John Howard' has made me laugh the most but those eyebrows and glasses staring out from an oyster is right up there. Sometimes laughter is mightier than the sword.

phil said...

Yeah, remember to keep breathing.

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