21 November 2007

you must remember this - as time goes by

Well I've noted time and time again that Geoff Pryor in the Canberra Times is one of the most incisive cartoonists in this fair country. Check this one out: the facial expressions, the detail and finally, the message. If anything feeds into our preconceptions, this does. Well done, sir!

We were going to have a Don's Party - as no doubt many around the country will be doing, albeit in hope of somewhat more felicitous outcome than in 1969 - but a few of the anointed ones have forsaken us. So no Phil's Party.

The thought intrudes that, just maybe, they would have preferred a less...stressful...night out than having their host running to the TV and computer every 3 minutes and either whooping uncontrollably or throwing things, also uncontrollably.

The best reason proffered has to be the couple, somewhat more committed Labor supporters than your 'umble scribe, one of whom dictates that they never go to parties on election night any more after a lifetime of Labor losses whenever they did. Mind you, they did live in the NT under several centuries of CLP rule. Enough to make anyone gun-shy, I guess. Actually, that was a very poor metaphor.

Anyway, with a departure for parts central Queenslandian now scheduled for not too long afterwards, probably better that Mrs VVB and I don't spend the morning after picking bits of brick out of the television.

It's not so much the actual outcome, as the commentary you have to endure from the panels in the tally room. One lot will be unbearably smug and full of hubris, the other will be desperately trying to polish the turd that the polls have dealt.

Regardless of the outcome, the idea of listening to any analytical commentary by Nick Minchin is just a step too far - or far too many steps, to be precise.

No doubt there will be a cornucopia of live blogging from which Chateau VVB will choose.

Or we might retire early and hope to wake up in a brave new world.

Cin-cin, y'all!


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

I'm hoping for a Labor Government if only to cool the economy - I will shortly be purchasing a large quantity of $Aussie. Not that I'm in the slightest bit self-interested mind. I'm sure a change would be good for the country as well.



phil said...

Very magnanamous of you, Pants. Doin' yer bit for the country and you're noteven backyet. IMagine what will happend when you do return!


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