15 November 2007

who are you

Here's the quote of the day, from today's Crikey: "Political tragics like us grossly overestimate how interested and informed most Australians are about politics. Most would be aware, vaguely, that politicians promise a lot at elections and that some people reckon that's not necessarily a good idea. Beyond that, forget about it."

Indeed. A work colleague went past the Labor policy launch the other day and, given it was all kinds of chaos and you couldn't get from A to B easily, was obliged to share some public space with a couple of young blokes, about 18 or so. They asked him what was going on, he said Kevin Rudd was launching the Labor's party's policy. Who's Kevin Rudd, they asked. My mate replied, then said Rudd was running against John Howard. Hadn't heard of him either.

Urban myth or maybe I misheard? Maybe. But if true, even a little bit? Informed voters, hey. Especially if they go to vote and the paper has neither Howard (of course, this is Brisbane) nor Rudd (possible, depends on where they live) on it? Assuming this pair can, read, of course.

Anyway, there's bigger news. Your humble correspondent is off to spend a few months in the regions - Central Queensland, to be preciser. Should be good. More later.

But probably less blogging.


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

Such excitement awaits me on my return to the birth mother country.



phil said...

Contain yerself, pants.

Hmm, that statement could easily be misconstrued, eh?



Mark Lawrence said...

Is it hot in Central Queensland?

And what did you do to deserve being sent there?

phil said...


Rockhampton is extremely hot at this time of year. But I've seen a photo of the airconditioner in the unit.

And actually I put my hand up for the gig - lots of challenges and hard work, but very different from my current stuff.

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