10 November 2007

public enemy

Got to admit while I've heard of Andrew Sullivan and read a few of his columns, it was not until I read these two columns this evening did I get a feel for his political leanings and, it would seem, how they have changed as evidence seeps out that the democracy of the United States is in fact the dictatorship of not so much an eminence grise as an eminence extremely noire. That is to say, extremely black and nasty.

You ask yourself how this can come about? Fairly simply, as checks and balances are stripped slowly away by a single political view being in power for two long - even when limited to two terms of office, in this case.

Make no mistake, the abrogation of responsible government in the US and its apparent usurpation by malevolent forces, along with somewhat paler imitations elsewhere, is going to reverberate longer and affect our everyday lives more deeply than any real or imagined external threat.

Short of
this , of course.

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