24 November 2007

wish you were here

I think I recall making a commitment last night to just have an open post so that occasional readers could leave a comment. I expect nothing less than complete anonymity from these people - J@cQ$e! - and a tonne of insight.

Can I also just thank certain people who bore with me bravely in a spirited endeavour to get utterly sh&tfaced, thus ensuring a good night's sleep for once.

It worked.

The last day in the Brisbane office for a while was also remarkable in many ways.

If today goes the way that the sorts of people who hang around Chateau VVB hope, then the nature of VVB will no doubt change. Maybe lose a few of its...preoccupations...over the last nearly two years. Well, let's be honest, one preoccupation.

The internetty access arrangements in Rockvegas may, however, prevent even a modicum of bloggery, but let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

OK, go for it.

Afternoon update

Well, the democratic duty is done. I've probably wrecked my reputation for good by shaking hands and chatting with one of the blue-shirted brigade at the polling booth, but he is my neighbour and he is also going to be useful to me in the Rockvegas job. While I knew very well that he was of conservative disposition, I didn't know he was actually a party member. However, it does explain his visceral loathing for Peter Beattie, easily equal to mine for Howard, whom he used to call the "blond Mugabe".

Earlier, coming back from a couple of hours finishing up stuff at the office a couple of free coffees at the 'other office' - many of you will know where I mean - I was listening to the 1pm news. It seems that Deputy PM and leader of the Nationals, Mark Vaile, said he would go to church to pray for a Coalition victory this evening, before heading to Sydney to join his Coalition colleagues.

If he wants to have a faith, fine. But he's going to pray for God to intervene after everybody has cast their votes? Ah, the Nationals, where would we be without their continuing comedy to enrichen our days?


Pants said...

I think congratulations are in order. I look forward to coming back to Australia now. Well done Phil (and the rest of the country, obviously).



phil said...

Yep, we done good. As I just said to Mrs VVB, they might turn out to be incompetent but at least they won't be bastards.

Ann ODyne said...

re Vaile of tears: obviously none of his previous historic prayers have worked.

re chatting with Blue neighbour: don't be silly, of course it's OK. You have to 'turn' them don't you?

At the Polling Place, I took over handing out How To Vote cards for various volunteers so they could go in and vote themselves.
The Labor one was a drag because it was flimsy and too large to hand over efficiently.
The devil is in the details!

JahTeh said...

I was so totally green I handed back all my how to vote sheets to be handed out again. The Greens girl thought it was hilarious. Liberals have no sense of humour.

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