08 November 2007

how's my driving (*)

Pryor in the Canberra Times does the cartoonist's job with insight and panache yet again. We can all get a good laugh from Howard and Costello's smarmy, arrogant sleights of hand but plenty will gobble it up like a sugary breakfast cereal.
And regrettably, until the whole pendulum turns in about 300 years or so, and something closer to Fred Argy's refutation of Friedmanite economic orthodoxy becomes the new dominant paradigm, we'll only get a doppelganger's interpretation from Labor.

We're all the poorer for it, of course, but we stopped living in communities and societies a few decades ago and the new reality that we all have to bow before the economy, wherever we may find it, has lots and lots of momentum.

Individually, we just need to keep the faith with ourselves, our loved ones and our friends.

Why, hello there little girl, is your name Pollyanna?

Please excuse the cheap excuse for a stream of consciousness style, it must be because tomorrow's Friday and I've just come off another 13 hour day. Of circular motion, what fun. I'm sure youse can all fill in the gaps.

(*) Apparently a song by Less than Jake.

I can't believe I actually wrote dominant paradigm. I'm so 80s.

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