17 November 2007

slice of heaven

For all our New Zealand readers. Via.

Oh, and wasn't Dave Dobbyn fantastic on Rockwiz tonight? I didn't recognise his intro song but he held its final note for so long, not only did the crowd erupt but even the members of the Rockwiz Orchestra were open-mouthed.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I wish I'd seen that.
I can hardly differentiate Kwiz from Specks, and must confess I get irritated by them both.
Whichever one I last saw, had Myf adulated for knowing about The Shaggs, and all I could think was "I had the fkn Shaggs when Myf's parents hadn't made her yet, and nobody I knew (especially not any TV show) thought it was KEWL to have the damn Shaggs."
I guess this makes me a bitter old slag (with a huge cultural frame of reference).

phil said...

Yes, that's a damn fine frame of reference. It blew mine away...

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