19 November 2007

the rain in spain (*)

Here's the weekly column but instead of Jeremy we get Francie Clarkson.

And she says this about the Aston Martin DB7:

I know that people think I drive an Aston Martin V8 Vantage because I’m a girl
and I think it looks pretty. That’s actually true, it is pretty. But what I like even more than that is the combination of its manual gearbox, the enormous noise it makes and the way it handles.

What a woman! What car-fancying bloke wouldn't give his left...er, ear...to be married to someone who (a) is so into car stuff, chasis dynamics even, and (b) can express it so eloquently.

At this point, before the assembled multitudes of cupro-witches, pantalonses and bwiccans descend to defend the sisterhoodiness can I just say that, after over 30 years of wedded bliss and a couple of years of prior amiable cohabitation, Mrs VVB has at last got it

and wants one of these for her next ride.

The Golf GTi - a really nice piece of kit, some friends have one and it was all I could do not to take it home when I saw it.

So Mrs VVB has proven impermeable to the charms of Triumphs - lots of them - Pugs, various minis and their larger cousins, and the somewhat more reliable jap-crap. But now she's got it and, in the manner of Sellars and Yeatman, it is a Good Thing.

And it would be in place of this Pulsar - small, not particularly notable but it is the SSS version.

(*) By George she's got it.


Ann ODyne said...

Have you noticed that recent Peugots have the
David Brown-shaped radiator grille ?

JahTeh said...

But are you going to have it customized for her, a bit of bling here and there, Alpaca/silk seat covers, fridge in the back for the Krug, space in the boot for Phil.

phil said...

Yep, they sure have a mighty hinged gob. But you kind of get used to it.

Live alpacas, nothing but the best for Mrs VVB. I get the cupholder to nest in.

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