17 November 2007

don't look back in anger

"Snnnuurrr, snnurr, can you take the risk, can you take the RISK of handing over the economy to the Labor Party?"

Guess who?

Listen you dickhead, Australia is a country. Get that? COUNTRY! It's filled with people. Citizens. (And some prohibited non-citizens, of course, so we have something to fear).

You show me the economy and I'll give you a considered opinion about the risk of handing it over to anyone. Just bring it round to the leafy western suburbs, store it in boxes with little yellow tags on every one.

These f**kers have to go. Not so much out of touch, not so much lost the plot, more like just complete.....do you know, I can't come up with an appropriate description? It's a combination of irredeemable stupidity, utter corruption, and overweening arrogance.

Gotta do something about this burning anger.

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Slim said...

"irredeemable stupidity, utter corruption, and overweening arrogance."

Welcome Howard's Australia.

One more week and we'll know our fellow Australians have sufficiently awakened from their debt-fuelled consumerist slumber and a numbed sense of ethics, morality and civil society.

Possum Comitatus dismisses the current pollster narrative that it's all down to the softness of each and every marginal and still a close thing. That's the standard pollster mantra as election day looms. Who will be the first to utter that it's too close to call, it will go down to the wire?

I think I read today that Roy and HG will call it by 6.03pm. The ABC election count really should them front and centre to add an appropriately Australian sense of occasion.

Perhaps they could finish with Peter Garrett fronting the Oils singing:

"The time has come
To say fair's fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share

The time has come
A fact's a fact
It belongs to them
Let's give it back"

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