22 July 2007

alice's restaurant

P2B = enough for this to catch my attention.

From the Times of London, some
memorable instances of wrongful dismissal and similar workplace shenanigans. This is why we must have AWAs, I reckon. As always, the comments are great, as indeed they are for this review of a restaurant by A A Gill. And he said, moving on a little, this one also, which neatly features a comment from Australia linked to our workplace laws. You know I just write as I go, I couldn't make up these coincidences if I tried.
AA Gill seems to share Jeremy Clarkson's ineffably Tory take on how the world works, especially a righteous disdain for (a) anything attempting to be ecologically sound and (b), the pernicious effects of a never-ending incursion of the State into people's everyday lives. This week, Clarkson
observes that the legal framework is now encouraging the spread of what you might call 'local junior vigilante snitches'. After he's ranted about this for long enough, he gets to the actual motor review, which goes, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh."

You can't argue with that.

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The Editor said...

OK, I'll bite, what does P2B mean?
(Haven't I asked this before?)

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