11 July 2007

I've seen all good people

P2B quotient = high.

Today's good people include Jack Waterford, editor-in-chief at the Canberra Times. Of course the Crimes is the perfect soft-left kind of rag that a town proportionately overpopulated by public servants needs, but it does a good line in analysis, probably somewhere between the histrionics of the Murdoch rags and the increasingly Entertainment Tonight irrelevance of Fairfax.

Random thought - if the current government gets returned, there may not be any soft-left public servants left in Canberra.

It claims to "serve the National City and through it the Nation", which it sort of does although with a fair lick of local shenanigans. The PM, who chooses not to live in the Nation's Capital City, can therefore ignore it with impunity.

Anyway I reckon Waterford always writes well and this piece on the continuing train wreck that is the Occupation of Iraq is a good example. What's also interesting is this piece which, although tagged as a letter to the editor, is evidently a companion opinion piece but by whom, I don't know.

Another issue currently getting a run is housing affordability. Chateau VVB is much plagued by this because, as Ross Gittins points out, many baby boomers have ridden the real estate roller coaster all the way up while their kids can't even afford to get into the park. This is our situation exactly - much as we'd love to the spend the kids' inheritance, I don't think we could bring ourselves to do it.

Finally, I've been listening to the Drive By Truckers, bought on the advice of Anonymous Chris who has not only turned me to alt. country but has also divined the politics of Chateau VVB to a T. So the Drive By Truckers are like Springsteen on steroids, with lyrics like:

And all them politicians, they’re all lyin' sacks of shit
They say better days upon us but it’s sucking left hind tit

Go to the link and read the lyrics. All good people.

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