25 July 2007

smoke gets in your eyes

P2B = quickies only. I am (supposed to be) wrestling with impenetrable bureaucratese and preparing for a presentation tomorrow (instead of farting about with stuff like this).

Anyway, all owners of British cars will be familiar with Joseph Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

Courtesy of offspring no 1, here's how you can quickly get the same effect.

If you've got several hours and are willing to download a massive pdf file so you can read some impenetrable bureaucratese (hint: don't bother), here is a lot more gumph on the Lucas company. The file is pages 282 to 341 of some industry report. It's a scanned version of an old document, obviously typed on a 1950s era typewriter and nowhere in it could a quick scan find a reference to what the document actually is. Although the website is British Government. So, like I said, don't bother. There's 10 seconds of your life I've stolen.

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