25 July 2007

nashna lamthem

P2B, which is VVB code for "propensity to blog" = sfa. But thanks to ole' mate derf, here's a new anthem for us all. No girt by sea here.


Australians all let us rejoice
The weekend now is near
We've worked all bloody week for this
Dear God let's get a beer.
Our desks abound in paperwork
Our hands are stained with ink
In desperate stage, we'll fly the cage
Advance to Friday drinks!!
With joyful strains, destroy our brains
Advance to Friday drinks.


JahTeh said...

Now them's words I kin salute and quite possibly remember.

phil said...

I've just operationalised them.

Bwca said...

Hi Phil - just saw your LOL remark at Witchy's and thought i would bring you a link to another one of those anthem improvements:

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