05 July 2007

fun house

Hours of fun.

So far I have (and beware, some of these are awfully close to the crap we see every day):

  • Come to Life. Come to Strategise.
  • The appliances of stygmatise.
  • Every thing we do is driven by fulfillment.
  • Out of the Strong came forth Value.
Tell me your best ones.


R.H. said...

Everything can be explained in hard cash.

(And honesty is the best policy -because it saves time)

(both mine)

(and plenty more)

R.H. said...

You deserve more comments. Visit other blogs, and get some.

phil said...

Thanks RH. Actually, I don't particularly care about the comments. I hardly ever even check my blog stats nowadays. I'm happy if a few regulars drop past and leave an occasional note.

Despite my well-known antipathy to the current government, I don't see this as an 'argumentative' blog and I've been trying to be a bit more reflective and to range a bit wider in subject matter.

I do go around other blogs but I'll only leave a comment if I think it's adding in some way, either substance or 'entertainment'.

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