31 July 2007

doo doo doo looking fair go out my back door

What is it with these Kevin Rudd ads (he said, the dulcet sounds of our alternate PM attempting to be inspirational and reasonable in the background).

"The fair go has gone out the back door."

"Sick 'im Kev."

Look Kev, I don't want the whining PM and I don;t want you either. I want "the following program is chock-a-block with sex and violence, and should only be watched by the terminally disaffected."

Actually, I thought that overt political ads (ie not including WorkChoices) were limited to once writs had been issued?

As you might have guessed, P2B = nil. Got home from a work-related do at 8.30, said function did not repeat not offer alcohol, so that's a been a long day.


JahTeh said...

You've got a cellar full of booze and you're after freebies!!!

I'm not cruel, you can share my pilfered bottle of sweet sherry, it's vintage.

phil said...

I'm aspirational, obviously...

Philip said...

You mean you snort it?

phil said...

"Aspirational" has a connotation in our "political discourse" (ha, yeah, right) to a particular demographic in Aus, Philip.

On the other hand, snorting sweet sherry sounds like something I need to add to my resume.

JahTeh said...

Don't try it, it adds nothing to the bouquet.

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