15 July 2007

everything is broken

P2B quotient - very very low. I look through the OzPolitics feed and it all looks very familiar. We are obsessed with what obsesses us.

So all you get is a link to today's Times, "for video, picture and analysis of David and Victoria as they arrive in the US."

And by crikey there's heaps (
link provided, you'll have to trust me when I say I haven't clicked through on to any of them).



Of a bloody footballer? Tell me, the world has gone stark fucking barking crazy, has it not?

Tonight's picture is of the previous Australian Embassy in Islamabad (there is now a much more substantial building in town), taken from a Nomad aircraft that was pretty much on its side, about 1000m up. An interesting experience, to be sure. Especially with a raging hangover. And that was the pilot...


Gerry said...

Forget the mainstream media. Read the right ^H^H^H^H^H left blogs.

Ann O'Dyne said...

ah ... beautiful downtown Islamabad.
WHY? fer chrissakes do we have the expense of an embassy there?

all Aus nationals should be warned to avoid the place, and applying for a visa there should be illegal (as consumption of alcohol is in Islamabad, for pilots and for everbody else).

phil said...

We got there just after Zia ul Haq assumed power and proscribed the booze. Drinking wine from tea cups was fun once, utter shit every time after that.

Gerry said...

Interesting "back fence" the Embassy had...

R.H. said...

Patrons drank booze from tea cups in Hopkins Street cafes for years. That was in Footscray, and before the asian invasion. Now I wouldn't go there at all, without a kevlar vest.

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