17 July 2007

blister in the sun

Tonight's picture is to tantalise you (well, sort of, depending on your propensity to tantalisation). It is indeed yer 'umble correspondent, some years ago. Quite some years ago, in fact. Multiple bits of equipment festoon his person, the large backpack certainly dates the video gear, as do the flares. The shadow thrown by the camera lens could be misconstrued, especially if you squint. Mind you, it'd also make a medical marvel.


Ann ODyne said...

Spike Milligan suggested that a man's zoom lens might more conveniently be located on his shoulder.

JahTeh said...

I liked the interview about the Twinkie book. I take ages in the supermarket because I read the packaging and where it's made. I've just changed brands of Tofu because one is made locally and is fresher but it costs more. It's worth the extra though. My carbon footprint where chocolate is concerned is huge.

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