16 April 2009

beware of darkness

Especially if you're under a mushroom. That's where the government and MSM want to keep you.

And you know
what you'll be fed.

Over and out.

(puts on tinfoil hat, creeps out slowly, backwards)


Bwca Brownie said...

I got a fright.
Followed link, lost concentration (age) and when I saw 'Arkansas' I thought "what happened to Phil!?"
I will slink back there now. *tiptoes*

Bwca Brownie said...

OK I haz returned from WalMart.
Already knew they are bad masters of cheap imports.
I guess being a cost-leader means hiring cheap labor, and I am surprised the author is 25.
Uni students fight for the fast-help jobs.
Survival is a dirty business and to that end I am working up my street-corner tin-cup act for when I have to beg for a living.

phil said...

That was fun. I must post more nonsensical pieces.

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