14 April 2009

i can't explain

The Who's classic intro single was of course about the first stirrings of lurrve in the heart, but in fact was more likely the groin, even though Roger Daltrey claimed to be "dizzy in the head." Well, you know what happens when all the blood drains elsewhere.

But, quelle surprise, we digress! Today's crikey.com.au newsletter contains a couple of references that certainly had yer 'umble correspondent bemused.

Item 1:

When you factor in the virtual goods available on social networking platforms like Facebook, it's a multi-billion dollar industry that's growing by the week -- something most corporates are at least getting some awareness of. Teen virtual world Habbo Hotel recently reported fifty million Euros in revenue from sales of virtual furniture and clothes during 2008.
So, do I have this straight? Teenagers pay real money for virtual goods that only exist within the game? Please tell me that this sort of profligacy will die right out once daddy's lost his mega-million dollar/pound/euro/rupee banking job and all of a sudden kids have to make their own fun, in the real world, in real time. With cardboard and string.

Please tell me it's not true.

Item 2:
OneSteel surprised by asking for its shares to be suspended "pending a further
announcement from the company in relation to the company's financial outlook."
VVBSea has some (inherited) shares in OneSteel. Now, I've just come off what was essentially a 14 hour day, Mrs VVB slacked the usual 8. When are we supposed to get time to monitor our (actually not very substantial) holdings and make informed decisions? Work/life balance, pah! (NB: Particularly when you take the need to blog into account. I think I've just lost my own argument, but I wasn't there when shares were suspended).

So, what I can't explain is how the world has changed and we haven't. Mrs VVB reckons I'm turning into my father, it sounded like the prelude to a threat. So excuse me while I pop outside and assume the lotus position.


Sam the Dog said...

Sam the Dog's school teacher "friend" has noted that kids have been getting a new iPod/phone/gizmo of the minute every nine months of so for the last five or so years.

The amount of money that these kids spend is incredible, and it is not unsual to see high school kids lugging around up to a grand's worth of gear at school every day.

Have they got the money to spend on virtual furniture? You bet.

phil said...

Thanks sam. I will now retreat back into my own unreal world.

Bwca Brownie said...

apropos of the dog's friend comment:
Yesterday I had to get in a long queue in a sporting goods store, and witnessed more than several teens with their mothers paying $100+ for bibs n bobs to support their sport activities.

I had time in this long queue to reminisce on my own hockey/basketball/swimming
school-sport activities, for which my mother never ever queued clutching a wad of credit cards.

Of course, back then injuries were cheaper to deal with.

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