13 April 2009

come out swinging

Having been led to the on-line Australian - how on earth that happened I don't know - I learn that a group within the Liberal Party, known as the Big Swinging Dicks, are trying to bring down Julie Bishop.

I found this quite astonishing. Who would have guessed that anyone within the Libs had a dick?

Of course it's a Glen Milne article so it ends with a little snark intended to cast nasturtiums at Malcolm Turnbull so that Peter Costello can, according to some type of divine right apparent only to Milne and Costello himself, stroll into the leadership at some as yet undetermined time in the future.


But I did laugh about the dicks.


Ann oDyne said...

... well I laughed at your response to the dicks claim.

Mal and Pete are both smug smirkers, but Mal at least has a reason to smirk. I could cope with him as PM but not with Pete and Tania.
I will never forget that she caused that Bob Ellis book to be pulped by the publisher.

phil said...

Yes, they're all a bit precious under the rugged individualism tag, really. Rugged individualism is probably only for other people.

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