25 April 2009

time is on my side

I'll get to time being on my side in a minute.

In the meantime, when a column in the Times, of all papers, comes down in favour of the benefits of a tax rate that slugs the rich, you know that there are massive shifts afoot.

Mind you, most the comments are along the 'best and brightest'/'masters of the universe' line along with deriding what most evidently must be class envy. Until you get to one Steven Reeve of Southend:

Guess I'll be THE ONE - well done, Ms Turner. Spot on ! Absurd to suggest that we desperately need these so-called high-flyers. High pay does not equate with ability - as our present mess indicates. Judging by the tone of most of the comments it does not equate with integrity / community service.
Stephen Reeve, Southend, UK

I guess we'll believe it when it's an editorial.

Pedant alert! There's always one. Have a read of this article about a Beatles recording and then watch the
comments thread get derailed into a discussion about prepositions. And also score a George W Bush reference. Bizarre what some people see, innit?

Actually the main point of doing a post was not to comment on Anzac Day - I did that over at
Sam the Dog - but to let all and sundry know that an additional two weeks' secondary fermentation has done wonders for the Coopers Stout and it's now quite drinkable with the added prospect of it becoming quite nice indeed. Yay. Time has been on my side all along.

NB: am on second bottle.

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Sam the Dog said...

Good news about the Stout. I had a bad HB experience tonight. This afternoon I misread a label and put a couple of bottles of Mexican Cervaza (still can't spell it) that I recently bottled into the fridge. Imagine my disappointment tonight when I poured out flat, green (not literally) beer.

Luckily, I had a stout in back up, and all was well. Still, shame to waste the other one through such a silly mistake.

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