04 April 2009

a quick one

Bears wearing jaunty ties do what in the woods?

The comments are in the whoda guessed it category, the research certainly seems a little...predictable. Possibly even denecessary.

The Courier Mail is all up in arms today about
kids fighting and posting on Youtube. The only difference between now and, umm, 50 years ago - umm, as I recall - is Youtube. It's been a long time since I heard "fight, fight."

Who would
condom Kevin Rudd? (Hint: No 96). Wriggle out of that one!

1 comment:

Ann ODyne said...

oh for godssakes.
I would like to think that moron comment was a joke.

please tell me that was not a genuine adult driver voter breeder.

a very subtle joke
condomming with Faint Praise.

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