21 April 2009

minor epic failure

So now Turnbull and his assorted bunch of assortments are in high dudgeon because Kevin (that'll be the PM to you, sonny) has only just announced/conceded/boasted that Australia is officially in recession, and he wouldn't previously, so obviously he's covering something up.

Remind me, please, because my memory is crap, just how many minutes ago was it that the same assortments were tearing into Wayne Swan for talking down the economy?

As I believe the contemporary parlance has it:

Consistency: epic FAIL.

Credibility: also EPIC fail.

I think you're meant to read 'fail' as 'failure', but whatevs.


JahTeh said...

Any snark from Captain Smirk?

My sister is still waiting for her $900 which will go on her tax bill because of the double hit she gets with the medicare levy because she's a slotnik over the limit.

Bwca Brownie said...

Turnbull and his cronies must also blame KRudd for the economic shit-up in the US, UK and France?

It is actually caused by Thailand and China, but I'm not clever enough to blog that.

Today I am pushing for Animal welfare and need everybody to visit this site which will post you a divine Mothers Day Gift for your Beloved Mother, and the purchase funds the fight against animal cruelty in Australia ( a LOT of which there is - just Guugle "bobby calves" if you think the milk industry is not cruel).

Thank you, that is all.

Sam the Dog said...

BB, they will just assume that most of the highly informed Australian electorate watch Ten news. Overseas is the place that The Simpson's come from. And T20 cricket. Who gives a rats what goes on over there? It *must* be Rudd's fault.

Interestingly, and OT, the ABC news gets tantalisingly close to linking the refugees on boats story to the bad shit going down in other countries story. Two nights in a row they have had the Sri Lankan deaths (1000+ civilians?) on straight after a refugee story. Pity the rest of the media can't seem to grasp this. If they ran images of "boatpeople" next to images of the poor bastard that I saw tonight holding the body of his son, we would have ten million people tomorrow offering to house refugees. It was heart rending stuff.

As for the Smirk. The Liberal Orthodoxy still appears to be that (a) the good times rolled under Costello, and (b) he is election gold. There appears to be a genuine belief in some quarters, that grows stronger with every one of Malcolm's poor Newspolls, that all Costello has to do is show up and soon the natural order of things will be restored? Can you say "born to rule"?

Needless to say, if I was Malcolm I would be calling a pest control specialist. I reckon he's got a whiteant problem.

phil said...

Oh bring Costello on. Comedy gold, as the kids would say.

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