10 April 2009

i want you

People who own their own businesses are happier because...they can point at you and say "you will purchase my product/service/widget/other stuff."

That would seem to be the case from the quite bizarre photo atop
this article.

"I want YOU...as my customer."

It's a bit vague of what happens next, except you get less free time to purchase other people's products/services/widgets/other stuffs.

Mrs VVB wants to know why all of a sudden Good Friday church services are overflowing with people carrying replica crosses everywhere, it didn't happen when she were but a babe in arms. Or slightly older perhaps, in that she could remember Easter without lumberjacks in every church.

The rest of the day was taken up mainly with sleeping, as a result of a several nights without a good sound sleep. I cracked a bottle of the last brew, a Cooper Real Ale and it was foul.

I hope it gets better with a little age, this was only just under two weeks.


Sam the Dog said...

Speaking of home brew, I opened two bottles today, one for myself and one for my brother-in-law.

Both were Coopers Stout. His was bottled in the first week of January. Mine was bottled a couple of weeks ago, but I was just curious.

The one from January was fan-bloody-tastic, as it has been since about the start of March. Sadly, there are only four bottles of this left now.

The one from March was nice, but still green. If I can hold out until closer to the finals season, it should be pretty good.

Patience is a virtue with home brew. Accordingly since March I have bottle the abovementioned stout, a Coopers Draught + golden syrup which is supposedly going to be a Irish style thingy and there is a Mexican Cervasa (sp?) (with half a kilo of LDME) slowly bubbling away at the moment.

My wife laughs when she sees the cupboard with all of the bottles in them.

Anyway, what the hell was I talking about, anyway?

phil said...

Cerveza - Spanish for beer. You're right, I'll just have to leave these for at least another month. I'll make another batch this weekend, will probably go for a stout. The weather's cooling rapidly round these parts.

BwcaBrownie said...

'I Want You' ... just here from Pavlov's Still-life With Cat blog where she thinks Blood On The Tracks is the best album.

Had the cross-draggers right past my house yesterday.
On their own trip.
that's cool.

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