03 April 2009

emotional rescue

So, in defiance of all trends and despite a feeling, observed several times over the last few days, that woooooork is more than a four letter word and is in fact endless, here we are on the most very forward-pressing part of the weekend. So before we get to a suitable piece of music to launch our weekend endeavours/reverie/insert suitable noun here, it behoves us to indulge in a small spot of reflection. Are we settled comfortably? Then let us begin.

'Across' is not a substitute for 'throughout.' Well, actually it has been for quite some time. In fact it's been yonks since I've seen someone deploy 'throughout'...except for me, because I insert it at every opportunity.

Today in explaining some current activities to a group, I used 'roll out' instead of 'implement' or 'extend'. I felt quite queasy afterwards, but I'm sort of OK now I've confessed.

It seems that
Coca-Cola has been very naughty by trying to convince people who don't know any better - ie, teenagers, of course -that Coke is good for you. But it's not. And Kerry Armstrong's brand has been tarnished through her association with something that's not good for you and isn't "Bob Jelly.

She needs some of


The G20 leaders have met in Lonodn - which, like Bahrain, is a pretty bloody place to be,
as you will recall - and agreed to do lots of things, starting with instructing their minions to do some actual doing. It was all very exciting and afterwards they all had to go and have a good lie down.

Except for the PM - referred to on Sunrise during the week as "our boy in London", can you imagine any newsreader referring to John Winston Howard in such familiar terms? Or Keating, for that matter. Looks like Kev's our mate for some time yet.

Anyway it looks like Our Kev vented some of his apparently well-known anger at a RAAF hostie - sorry, an in-flight services (except for meat, you vego dickhead) and provisions coordination supervisor, officers for the use of - who failed to serve up the previously requested (unless the order went astray, we've had a change in our IT providers and all last week's orders have disappeared into the ether, sorry PM maaaate) curried egg sanger. Maybe one of the senior military officials who no doubt accompanied the PM could suggest that in future, a spare Batman or two might be requisitioned so that our maaaate Kevin 0-PM can get a falafel kebab without having to chuck an in-flight spack attack?

What? Oh, I mean

Anyway, the global theft and professional mendicant industry is going to have to withstand some greater scrutiny going forward. You'll have guessed it, of course, but countries will need to bolster their public services by recruiting lots of scrutes in order that adequate scrutiny can be undertaken. In academic circles, this is known as tax-eating. Nah, just joking.
I am particularly looking forward to greater regulatory oversight of the ratings agencies. The law of unintended consequences will undoubtedly come into play, I just can't quite picture how.

Anyway, enough of this frippery and folderol. Last week I made
Laurie's head explode with some hello sailor - go on, you can open this one, mate - so this week I really need to make amends. The bit that starts at 1.39 is, without a shadow of a doubt, just sublime. Sorry I couldn't find a good enough live version of the whole thing.

Enjoy your weekends.


That's So Pants said...

Oh funny man. Thanks, I will enjoy the weekend. This is a fine start.



phil said...

Hey thank you. I should do this more often.

Ann oDyne said...

oh I love the Tops and The Temptations and all that old RnB soul. Sam n Dave, Otis.
MODS music. 1965. The Thumpin Tum.
Max Merritt. The Rising Sons. The Pink Finks. The good old days.

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