07 April 2009

spy vs spy

Anyone having any doubts at all that we now live in a Surveillance State, that there are rozzers behind every parapet just waiting for you to transgress the unwritten law, and if you've nothing to hide then you've nothing to fear (a staple of letters to the editor writers in these here parts, should just read Harry Hutton and stfu.

That which was once the realm of science fiction is a reality.

In fairness, I'd be highly sceptical of some of his commenters, though.


Bwca Brownie said...

not funny.
luring me over to that Flashman Harry.

lost in there for hours.
god he's good (or bad).

You're lucky I got back here to tell you that.

phil said...

Do you know I very nearly added a comment about the lure of hanging about at Harry's? Obviously would have been superfluous, yes?

It's a very intriguing place. And lots of other things besides intriguing.

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