04 April 2009

in deep

Shoulda stayed on the computer keyboard, as I dived into Bookforum for a little more meat than in the previous post. And indeed, we discover in some depth whether constant/incessant/ increasing time at the pooter is turning us into cyborgs. No, is the stern reply, but it's a genuinely fascinating read as we get there. The article and interview explore the link between shorter attention spans and how we think and interact when on-line. Tellingly, I stopped reading halfway through. And went to sit on the verandah - where it was much cooler - to pluck on the guitar. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Dipping another toe into the water, we get some
reflections on the reign of Margaret Thatcher. It's an even-handed piece that doesn't attempt to sheet Britain's social changes solely to Thatcher's supposed capitalist revolution. But she bears a good deal of the responsibility, according to the article, if only because she failed to understand what she was actually dealing with.

Want to live a good life? Exhibit some
sympathy. And if you want to do it well, you'll need a whisperer. Going forward, you'll be getting up close and personal and, like, it'll be all about you.

Finally - do you really think people buy more of Product X if it's advertised through Brand Power than through an ad direct from the maker? And if Brand Power a better product than What's New or Zoot Review? "Yeah, I saw it on Zoot Review and I was, like, wow?"

Give me strength.


Ann oDyne said...

re Baroness Thatcher:
as we often find when dealing with incompetent people in their workplace, it is people who interview well who get hired, not the people who could do the job; Thatcher could run a good campaign, but not run a country.
I have the attention-span of a canary ... what was the topic?
wandering away to another blogger now

WV: morkabop

Ann oDyne said...

Canary here again ... back from the blog whisperer, from whence I got to the wordlustitude blog and found:

noun. Don't cry over spilled beer? I'm weeping and barfing just thinking about it...

Real citation: "But Baby Mamma backed into The Waiter and he was carrying a tray full of freshly drawn beers. Fortunately he was quick on his feet and avoided a beer-tastrophe

The new word I fell over and liked this week was webmudgeon

phil said...

Webmudgeon is good, but "Baby Mamma" has me worried.

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