11 April 2009

one world

I gather from the comments that the Boston Phoenix must be a leftist newspaper. Diatribes about "leftists" are everywhere nowadays. I don't recall too many admonitions against "rightists" as a group or in general over the last ten years, although I certainly recall plenty against individual politicians of the right: Bush, Blair and Howard spring to mind (oh really? whoda thunk it?).

So on the basis of my categorisation of the Phoenix, I guess
this is just a giant scare campaign with only a few truths in its kernel. Makes for interesting reading, anyway: if even some of its assertions are true, then those who lost the last US election are taking it very badly indeed.

Just as well we don't get that kind of disproportionate response here in Oz but just to be safe, don't let Nick Minchin anywhere near it.

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