07 April 2009


It'd certainly be more...efficient...if I did all my evening blogging at once, but that'd get in the way of guitar 'practice' (ha bloody ha there) and getting all the work I brought home out of my bag and looking at it.

And eating grapes. Tell me, is it possible to stop at, say, 10?

Anyway, Aussies always get up in arms about local brands being sold overseas and you get endless arguments about the benefits of foreign investment and the evils of multinationals. But we don't really, if we looked in our heart of hearts (you know, just as an aside, where is the heart of hearts? is it inside the, like, you know, proper heart, or is it, kind of, you know, in the soul? just askin', you know what I mean)...er, where was I, oh yeah, if we looked where I said, we'd really trooly rooly admit that we don't do comments threads like the Poms.
Cultural cringe? Hah, who cares, it's damned fine entertainment.

Isn't it?

I feel more cheated and duped by this than the bankers.

In which case you're a fool.

Anyone who bought an inncocent (note that 90s lower-casey-ness) smoothie other than for the fact that they were thirsty and it tasted good seriously wants their head examining.

Ad guys set up company exploiting gap in market for ready-made smoothies and layer on foksy-marketing, complete with grass covered vans, a head office called Fruit Towers, a nice music event in Hyde Park were mummy and daddy can take Ben and Rosie to sample the latest strawberry and kiwi concoctions.. and you feel cheated??

They gave you everything you wanted, for God's sake!

Well done, lads. Take the money and run. As you well know, you'll lose a few bollytas and gain millions of Federicas and Giulianas, who'll also kid themselves they're saving the planet, one papaya at a time. Kerching.

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