18 April 2009

i alone

Continuing the once-over-lightly look at (what other people are saying about) libertarianism in its various strains, a couple of sentences stood out in this Guardian article on the regrouping - possibly - of the hard right bit of the Republican Party:

In Norquist's view, American politics consists of two coalitions. One side, on the left, wants "to take things from people and give it to themselves". The other, on the right, may seem like a motley collection of gun-owners, home-schoolers, libertarians, religious devotees and anti-tax activists, but have one thing in common: "They want to be left alone."

"Our founding fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the

By turns highly entertaining and just plain frightening - there's absolutely no problem that can't be fixed by lower taxes, but we all need to carry more armaments - it seems that they're all taking after Greta Garbo and "just want to be left alone."

It'd be an interesting society (taking a loose interpretation of society) that resulted.


Bwca Brownie said...

With guns.

Speaking of which, since I am so upset that the creator of music I love is a murderer ... I cannot understand how Spectors guns were not seized and his permits revoked, after the John Lennon threat, or the Leonard Cohen threat, or the Ramones thing, or any of the many occasions when her displayed insane behaviour.
The second thing I dont understand is how the 40-year-old waitress went home alone with a known nutter.
bloody stupid woman.
So where were we? oh Right and Right-wing both seem really wrong to me. I worry for Obama.

phil said...

Quite so - I guess just no-one was game to "call" Spector. On the other hand, Ted Nugent gets away with it although I don't think he aqctually shot anybody.

Sam the Dog said...


Phil wasn't called on his nuttiness with guns because his (a) rich, and (b) famous. Passport to do whatever the hell you want.

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