24 April 2009

people are strange

"nice tie
we're fucked
i like your tie"



Can you not see the connection between the majority bullying a gifted pupil, and the tax robbery of the country's minority wealth creators?

Well, not immediately, no.

We all know Americans get fixated, well boy do they get fixated.

More fixation of a very different kind:

"I field 800-900 emails a day."

Sound highly unlikely, doesn't it?

Yes, I'm still up.


Bwca Brownie said...

so why did I follow the link.
if it's right-wing ya just know its gonna be bad.
'900 emails a day' is unbelievable at 5o per 30 minutes, you couldn't even delete them that fast, let alone read them.

and as for
"“There is no global movement of Christians trying to subjugate the world"

umm - The Vatican? anybody?

phil said...

My thoughts exactly. As they say, "pot, meet kettle."

Sam the Dog said...

US Far Right Conservative Groups?

Best we forget.

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