24 April 2009

jeremiah robert was a bullfrog

Here we are, yo ho ho and so on, however I'm r**ted from lurgy and work so not even the tiniest skerrick of energy to waste on attempts to entertain, inform, or anything else.

So, without further ado, I give you Robert the frog. It's a frog which visits our balfalcony every night, well most nights, and Mrs VVB named him Robert.

After that further ado, but without too much additional ado, tonight's musical special is the Moody Blues' Isn't Life Strange. I found a few live versions and ended up not being able to choose between them. This is very much a stage version without all the strings, so just based on what they could do themselves. Voices always let down rock bands and so it is here, but it's real, man. The album, Seventh Sojounr, was always one of my favourites even though the first version I bought, which was on cassetts, had such wildly differing levels between the left and right tracks that it was almost unlistenable. I can't remember why I never took it back to exchange as it was clearly not fit for purpose.


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Bwca Brownie said...

oh Robert is lovely.
a Prince of a frog.

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