12 April 2009

within you without you

Because of all the chocolate bunnies and other religious artifacts flying around, we slept in. A bit.

We probably should have slept in longer because once we had the coffee and the paper, we also had Morning Sunrise or whatever they call the Sunday variant of the Mel 'n Kochie show.

Anyway, most of it was - unsurprisingly - devoted to popular 'culture', wherein I was quite speechless to learn that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop (r) (tm) is auctioning lots of the things he has collected from "Disneyland and other places around the world."

Now at this stage I could take you through the thoughts that ensued this revelation, but somehow, I think you're there already.

Shaping up to be a good day, it was. So, off to the computer we trooped.

Tigtog links to Pharyngula wherein you can find Christopher Hitchens responding on an altogether different plane to his literally-minded interlocutor. It's a classic and you need to not only listen but read the comments.

It would be remiss and quite unbecoming of me to leave you in that place. So I'm going to lift you up.
This is something far more real than Disneyland or any of the other constructions that people will load on you, particularly at this time of year, to get you to their way of thinking. People trying to do good is always OK by me and when they do it with music, it's all the better. (Alternative link here, may download better).

Now you all enjoy, you hear me?

In other news, we've got some Coopers Stout about to start bubbling away downstairs, some work to be done before Tuesday and two cars to wash. How much excitement can we bear?

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