02 April 2009

the real thing

Several years after the rest of the world, I am so over 'reality' TV. Faux stern 'hosts'; incomprehensible never-ending internal monologues; false 'choices' that really aren't; the 'house'; petty backstabbing; changes of rules when the model stops working mid-season; the 'house'; ascribing monumental importance to utter trivia; does it ever end? Surely people are heartily sick of it all by now?

Over at Mental Floss you can get lots of lists made up by people who, I suspect, watch a lot of reality TV. Anyway, they're running a competition for people to vote for new isms. A couple are
moderately chuckleworthy.

You can also buy T-shirts. One is almost perfect for
this little blog.

And one is perfect for
people who studied mathematic at school. That's right, only one of it. I heard a pollie, I'm pretty sure a Federal minister, refer to 'math' on radio the other day.

I don't know if it's possible to physically strangle a radio, but that's what I felt like doing.

I was, like, all omg that we are, like, so not Aussies any more.

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Ann oDyne said...

'do the math, do the math.
You can do it in your bath,
in your bath.

It's a bad as getting staph, getting staph.
So c'mon Einstein, Do The Math.

(inspired by Soupy Sales's great record Do The Mouse)

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